Elegant Casa

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Basin with Pedestal Vitreous, White/Lvory Size : 560x425x820mm ..

Rs5,460.00 Ex Tax: Rs5,460.00


White / Ivory Vitreous Size: 565 x 460 x 820 mm. ..

Rs2,860.00 Ex Tax: Rs2,860.00


Hanging to Wall Vitreous Colors: White and Ivory Size: 620x480x840mm-..

Rs3,055.00 Ex Tax: Rs3,055.00

Basin With Semi Pedestals

Wash Basin with semi pedastal White / Ivory Vitreous Size: 610 x 470 x 840 mm. ..

Rs3,510.00 Ex Tax: Rs3,510.00

Bathroom Cabinet

Main Cabinet:600x460x450mm Side cabinet:500x120x40mm Mirror:600x500mm Mareial:SS..

Rs24,500.00 Ex Tax: Rs24,500.00

Bathroom Cabinet

Main Cabinet:600x460x460mm Side cabinet:750x250x120mm Mirror:750x500mm Mareial:SS..

Rs15,210.00 Ex Tax: Rs15,210.00

Bathroom Cabinet

Main Cabinet:620x470x430mm Shelf:60x120x40mm Mirror:600x500mm Material:SS..

Rs19,200.00 Ex Tax: Rs19,200.00

Cabinet Basin

Cabinet Basin Vitreous, White/Lvory Size : 600x460x180mm, 750x460x180mm..

Rs7,800.00 Ex Tax: Rs7,800.00

Designer Basin

Vitreous, White/Lvory Size : 650x470x500mm ..

Rs4,485.00 Ex Tax: Rs4,485.00

Designer Basin / Countertop Basins

Art Basin: Size 600x400x90mm Color:White/Ivory..

Rs5,500.00 Ex Tax: Rs5,500.00

Designer Basin / Countertop Basins

Designer Basin / Countertop Basins , Vitreous Colors: White and Ivory Size: 440x440x170mm..

Rs5,300.00 Ex Tax: Rs5,300.00

Designer Basin / Countertop Basins

Art Basin-Wall Hung Vitreous, White/Lvory Size : 860x385x110mm..

Rs9,600.00 Ex Tax: Rs9,600.00